For the treatment of multiple sclerosis, you can use allergies

A recent clinical study has demonstrated that an allergy drug can improve the nervous system of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). This term refers to a disease of the autoimmune type, which in total affects more than two million people around the world. The disease attacks the protein myelin, which surrounds the neurons.

As the functionality of the neurons decreases, the development of a number of symptoms begins, with the inclusion of problems associated with vision, muscular weakness, difficulty walking and problems associated with balance and coordination. Current treatment is related to the prevention of further damage. However, so far no drugs have been able to repair myelin, which has been damaged. Opening it can seriously affect the treatment of the disease. In accordance with the data obtained in the new study, such a moment may not be far off.

Three years earlier, there was a study by Professor Jonah Chan from the University of California, San Francisco. Within its framework, Clemensti fumarate was considered, which, as it turned out, can help in the treatment of MS. It was first approved in the late 70s, and it has been available since the early 90s.

The study involved five dozen people with MS. The researchers decided to focus on the visually evoked potentials, because vision suffers from one of the first within the framework of such a disease. This method is well-proven for assessing the speed of nerve signal transmission.

Participants were shown flickering patterns on the screen. The electrodes, which are located above the visual zones, found how long it takes the signals to go from the eyes to the corresponding brain area.

Within 90 days, half of the participants received the drug clemastine fumarat, another placebo. Further, the groups were changed. However, no one, neither the participants nor the researchers knew who gets what drug.

As a result, the analysis showed that the drug increases the speed of nerve signals from the eyes to the back of the brain. Even after the experimental group was discontinued, the reaction rate was maintained.

“According to many, the drug can be effective if myelin has been damaged recently. Then the chances of a cure increase. Patients who participated in our study suffered from their illness for a long time, but even in such a situation, noticeable changes were achieved, ”emphasizes Professor Chan.