Oxyracetam: instructions, reviews of doctors and patients, analogues

Medicine oxyracetamSome people sometimes do not cope with the huge flow of information that has piled on them. To improve the process of memorization, analysis, logic and other brain functions, nootropic drugs are prescribed.

Among them, oxyracetam is particularly popular. The article will discuss the features of its use, contraindications, the main advantages and disadvantages.


  • General information about the drug
  • Release form
  • Mechanism of action
  • Indications for use
  • Contraindications
  • Instructions for use
  • Features of the drug
  • Reviews of doctors and patients
  • Pharmacy holidays
  • Analogs
  • Conclusion

General information about the drug

Oskiracetam is a drug that acts directly on the nervous system. It belongs to the group of psychoanaleptic nootropic drugs. Its application allows you to enhance the development of logic, helps people whose professions are associated with the constant counting of numbers or solving complex mathematical problems.

With regular use it helps to establish the functions of long-term memory, restores nerve cells.

This substance belongs to Racetam, synthesized by scientists one of the first. However, despite this remains not fully understood. It cannot be isolated from food, and it does not occur in natural conditions. Often used among students and schoolchildren, it allows them to better focus their attention.

Release form

The drug is available in capsule form with a concentration of the active component of 600 mg. Capsules are a substance that can be rapidly dissolved in the intestine. It has a fully synthetic nature. Oxiracetam is a derivative of pyrrolidine compounds. It has similarity with another representative of racetam - Piracetam. Were discovered in the second half of the 20th century by scientists in Belgium.

Mechanism of action

The basis of its action is the increased production of adenosine triphosphate, which regulates energy metabolism in the patient's body. Thanks to this, mental processes take place much faster. In addition, oxiracetam enhances the release of acetylcholine compounds and accelerates analytical thinking.

The component of the drug increases the function of concentration, memory, focus and perception of the patient.

It has a powerful stimulating effect.

After oral administration, oxiracetam dissolves and is absorbed in the intestine, the peak of its concentration in the blood is observed after 1-3 hours. It is excreted unchanged in the urine, the half-life is from 8 to 68 hours (in patients with renal insufficiency). It has the ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier.

Indications for use

In today's mad rhythm, a person faces many stressful tensions. Because of this, he becomes distracted, inattentive. Naturally, all these processes affect not only the rhythm of his life, but also at work. Often, students and schoolchildren are inattentive in the classroom, this leads to a deterioration in academic performance and as a result of disorders of the nervous system. Based on this, among the main indications for the use of Oxiracetam can be distinguished:

  • poor concentration of attention (confusion, etc.);
  • loss of cognitive functions (poor memorization of information, inability to carry out analytical analysis of information, etc.);
  • pathological processes in the circulatory system of the brain;
  • depression and nervous tension;
  • weakening of intellectual abilities.


Overall, Oxiracetam is non-toxic, well tolerated by patients. Can be used with daily use. The only contraindications are:

  • hypersensitivity to the main component of the drug;
  • pediatric patients;
  • period of feeding and breastfeeding.

During treatment, there is no dependence, and if there is a refusal, there is no “withdrawal cider”

Instructions for use

The drug is taken orally with a small amount of water. Meals do not affect the absorption of the components of Oxiracetam.

Application InstructionsThe daily dose is 400-2400 mg, which are divided into 2-3 equal doses (the time interval must be at least 8 hours). For patients who are taking nootropic drugs for the first time, it is necessary to start with the minimum dosage, increasing it gradually. It must be remembered that it has an invigorating effect, so it is not recommended to drink it immediately before bedtime (it causes severe insomnia).

For patients who have been taking agents from the family of Racetam for a long time, it is recommended to drink this the drug according to the following scheme: the first 2 days, the daily dose is increased by 2-3 times, then switch to the standard dosage. Some experts advise taking oxyracetam according to this scheme: 1 time in 7 days to increase the daily dose by 2-4 times, on all other days to follow the usual dosage.

It must be remembered that the half-life of the drug is at least 3 hours, so the last dose is best to drink no later than 18 pm.

In general, the drug is well tolerated, in rare cases the appearance of such unpleasant symptoms is possible:

  • violation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • headache;
  • sleep disturbance (due to the strong invigorating effect);
  • dizziness.

With the occurrence of such side effects, it is recommended not to take Oxyracetam. In order to reduce the risk of developing this symptom, you need to include in your diet eggs, lecithin, or other products that contain the substance choline. You can also drink OMEGA-3 course, it will help to enrich the patient's body with choline and reduce the risk of side effects.

Features of the drug

Since Oxiracetam is filtered and excreted through the kidneys, patients should be taken with caution with impaired function of this organ. It is recommended to keep constant monitoring of the urine excretion function, if its volume becomes less than 50 ml per day, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. Otherwise, there is a risk of complete failure of the kidneys.

Due to insufficient research on the ability of oxyracetam to cross the placental barrier and breast milk, one should not take this drug without a doctor's prescription.

Caution is prescribed to patients suffering from chronic insomnia. When taken together with other nootropic drugs, Oxyracetam enhances their properties.

Reviews of doctors and patients

Patients leave only positive feedback after using this drug. Below are a few of them:

My work is connected with constant sitting behind the monitor screen and stresses. From the Internet I learned about the new nootropic agent Oskiracetam. I decided to try and was pleased with the result. A week later, he became more concentrated and attentive.

Vitaly, 33 years

Recently I have become very absent-minded, constantly losing or forgetting something. The doctor proposed to drink Oskiracetam course, additionally appointed OMEGA-3 to increase the level of choline. Already 7 days after the start of the reception, I felt a positive result, I highly recommend this drug.

Albina, 29 years old

Often patients come to me with cognitive impairment problems. Oxyracetam is very popular on the nootropics market today. It is recommended to use it in combination with Aniracetome, they reinforce the action of each other. Their negative side symptoms can only be called excessive excitability.

Azonov A.P., neuropathologist

Oxyracetam reminds me of the effect of an ordinary energy drink: for a short time you become more active, more efficient. Then again you fall into a state of stupor. I was not satisfied with this drug.

Anatoly, 35 years old

Pharmacy holidays

Oxyracetam is sold over the counter without a prescription. You can buy it in the department of biological additives or in online stores. The average cost ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 rubles, depending on the number of capsules in the package and the concentration of the active ingredient.


Among the analogues can be distinguished such nootropic agents:

  • Piracetam - the leader of all Racetams, improves memory, thinking, the process of learning and remembering. It stimulates both brain centers;
  • Pramiracetam - the most powerful drug. Its effect lasts for 8 hours after the first dose;
  • Aniracetam - The effect of its action comes in a short time. Reduces anxiety, stabilizes the emotional background, activates the functions of creativity and eloquence.

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


Each of us is sometimes faced with the fact that he can not properly remember and analyze the information received. For this, it is recommended to use special nootropic drugs. They significantly improve memory, stabilize the emotional background, a person becomes more attentive and collected. The dosage and treatment should be prescribed by a doctor, otherwise there is a high risk of unwanted complications.