The display of dried paint from clothing to home: 13 ways

Question with regards to what to bring dried paint, stands up quite often during repairs or banal painting of hair. Remove pigment with clothes is quite difficult, but we'll show you how to do it at home. You can always use the "Vanish" or similar. Share your experiences in the comments.

Ways to bring the dried paint from clothing

So how to wash the paint from clothing using a conventional machine and powder, it does not always work, we present a more effective compositions.

№1. Vinegar, yogurt, borax

Borax is released in pharmacies in powder form. Connect it with a fat yogurt and 9% -uksusom taking each component 30 c. Distribute the resultant composition to the inner and outer sides of the fabric, completely dry naturally. Arm brush to clean teeth, remove the dry mixture. Spend a standard wash, repeat manipulation when needed.

№2. Ammonia, salt and vinegar

Before you bring a spot of paint from clothing, should know when to apply such rigid structure. You can use it to remove the enamel, oil dye or vodoemulsionku. Prepare a mixture of 30 g. salt, 60 ml. -Uksusa 9%, 30 ml. ammonia. Spread the slurry of contaminated sites, and wait 10 minutes. Remove the brush, draw a typical laundry detergent.

№3. Turpentine

You do not know what to bring dried paint with clothes from flax, silk, cotton or wool? At home, we recommend to clean delicate fabrics turpentine. Moisten in it a cosmetic disc, blotted actions treat lentigo. Then collect the excess dry wipes, repeat 5-10 times.

№4. bleach

If you need to clean the ink from light cotton or linen, then do not do without bleach. You can drop on the trail, and then leave for an hour. Some paint is removed by boiling. In this case, mix 0.6 l. bleach in 6 l. water, boil and immerse things. Boil them for 30 minutes, then remove and well prostirnite in the machine.

№5. Vinegar

If you have a goal - to remove a dried pigment to color things, then try to do it with vinegar. 2 Dampen a cosmetic sponge. One sheet under the spot, and the other - on the trail. Ie wheels located on both sides of the fabric. Race against approximately 20 minutes, wash item.

№6. Peroxide

Suitable only for light things because discolor the fabric. Pour on the stain peroxide, leave for a few hours. Periodically, you can add structure. Then prostirnite hand or typewriter. Not dry in the sun.

№7. Lemon

Telling than bring old and dried paint, specify the following. Citrus is better to use in removing stains from clothes in light colors. If you have a color thing at home, proceed at your own risk (lemon washes out color from fabric, but not always). So, squeeze the juice and rub the cut pulp paint. Leave on for fifteen minutes, rinse with water and repeat if necessary.

№8. Acetone

What else can be deduced with paint clothes? Option is not suitable for delicate things, because that in itself rigid material. Arm pure acetone or liquid polish. Moisten cosmetic wheels, start to rub the paint off the edges to the middle. First, you can pour on the stain acetone, and only then to rub. All manipulations are completed normal washing.

How to display a latex or acrylic paint from clothing


Question than scrub acrylic paint, there is quite often. Remove the pigment from the clothes can be a phased manner.

What do you need:

  • bleach;
  • brush for cleaning teeth (mild);
  • powder for washing;
  • water.

We tell how and what to bring dried paint. To delete a track with clothes, follow the instructions in the home:

1. Turn on the cold water maximum pressure, substitute under a stream inside the inverted clothes. Pour on the stain for 2 minutes.

2. Send your item into the machine by putting the laundry in the 1.5-2 hours at a temperature of 30-40 degrees.

3. If the track is clear, even after machining, follow these steps. Prepare a paste of water and powder, apply the paint and scrub brush.

4. Again soak in the car, but this time set the maximum allowed for this type of tissue temperature.

5. If this does not work, then use bleach. Suitable "Vanish", it is available for colored or white things. After processing the "Vanish" leave a thing for a while and wash again.

How to withdraw hair dye from clothing

The display dried paint? Eliminate the track with clothes at home can be vinegar, peroxide, mineral spirits, soap.

№1. Soap

If the hair coloring you will immediately notice the following things, then rub her soap and leave on for half an hour. Then draw machine / hand wash. But when you need to remove the old dirt, use the options mentioned below.

№2. Vinegar

Pour dining 9% solution on the stain, Race against the clock for half an hour, spend the laundry in the machine. Repeat the 3-5 times if necessary. For a long time, but effective.

№3. Peroxide

Very peroxide soak the stain and note the third hour. Similar to the previous embodiment carry out processing after washing. Be careful with color things.

№4. White Spirit

Dampen a white spirit cosmetic disc and wipe the stain before the disappearance of the paint. Alternatively, you can take acetone, kerosene, gasoline, etc.

Today we have learned everything that affects the removal of colored pigment with clothes. Please share your results in the comments to pass a rewarding experience to other readers.