How to stretch the shoes to be larger than at home: 17 ways

If the store you measured the shoes (boots, Veda, etc..), But they were small houses, there is a need for further action. Today we will learn how to stretch the shoes one size larger. For use in the home are suitable as chemical stretcher, and the means at hand. If you have experience in these matters, please share them in the comments.

Chemical stretcher shoe size larger

Before you stretch leather or any other footwear on the size, refer to the instructions supplied with the stretcher. Some tools are universal, that is suitable for leather, nubuck, textile, imitation leather, suede and so on.

№1. "Barcode Comfort"

Price - 161 rubles. The stretcher is designed to increase the shoes, boots and other footwear. Especially considering the fact that with it you will correct precisely those places where shoes too tight. As a means of softening the material and makes it pliable for further action. Stretcher Bar "Comfort" will both stretch the leather and suede, velor, nubuck, textile and combined footwear at home.

№2. «Olvist 2095ES»

Price - 230 rubles. Stretcher for shoes can be ordered via the Internet or purchased in a specialty store. The tool is designed to correct the shape and size of the leather goods. Also suitable for nubuck and suede. Prior to use, examine the manufacturer's recommendations on the packaging.

№3. «SalamanderShoeStretch»

Price - 249 rubles. Before you stretch the shoes one size larger, you need to know for which product is suitable means. It is designed for the processing of leather and suede in the home. Products make shoes, boots and so on. more comfortable and softens them. Use is straightforward: the composition is distributed inside and outside, and then must be put on shoes and the like is not less than half an hour.

№4. «Damavik Shoe Stretch Spray»

Price - 160 rubles. Tool designed for rapid correction sections of shoes that are too tight. It stretches both the width and length (not to fanaticism). After stretching permanently fixes the result. When this does not destroy or deform the fiber. Suitable for use in all kinds of leather products.

№5. «Silver»

Price - 173 rubles. Stretcher for shoes is released in the form of a cylinder with the foam. Very easy to use, the composition is suitable for suede, nubuck, leather products. Do not deform the fiber shoes, following the application does not leave traces. Use must be in accordance with the instructions on the bottle.

№6. «Salton Professional Complex Comfort»

Price - 260 rubles. The product is designed specifically for leather products. It adjusts the size and shape, but only in certain areas where it is required. It relieves discomfort when worn, and helps to get used to stretch the new boots, shoes, etc.

№7. «Pregrada»

Price - 100 rubles. Another option, as it is possible to stretch the shoes one size larger. It is intended for leather goods, and stretches to fit the human foot. It softens rough patches, adjust the shoes in the place where they rub and shake. Apply at home easier than ever, you need to spray the inside, put on my shoes and walk.

How to stretch the shoes of different materials to size


Shoes can be leather, patent, suede and so on. Every material needs to work in different ways.

Shoes from leatherette

With a leather substitute should work cautiously, any inaccurate motion will lead to cracks, deformation and oblezshey top.

№1. newspapers

Moisten and crumpled-up newspaper, then tamp them shoes (boots). Do not overdo it, because if you strongly stretch shoes, return it to the same size will be impossible. Allow the paper to dry, evaluate the results. Do not accelerate the natural process by using a hair dryer.

№2. groats

Any suitable raw materials, which during the mixing with the liquid swells. Pour cereal in the package insert, for example, in his boot. Pour grains to water, leave for 10-12 hours. This time limit is given to the swelling of cereals and a gradual increase in shoe size.

№3. petroleum jelly

Before you stretch the shoes size, lubricate the inside of the Vaseline and wait 3 hours and no more. Over this period, the composition will be absorbed, you will only have to put on shoes and go home 35-60 minutes.

Leather shoes

When working with the leather goods we recommend to use professional stretcher. But if you do not want to buy the means of directional, offering to consider domestic compositions.

№1. Ice

Fill the water polyethylene 2 small size package. Put the boots. Put them in the freezer and wait for freezing liquid. Remove from the freezer. As soon as the ice begins to melt, the packages must be carefully get. Done! Thanks to this procedure, you'll know how easy it is to stretch the shoes made of leather.

№2. Boiling water

Place the shoes or boots in any container of sufficient size. Pour boiling water into the shoes cool and wait a few seconds. After this drain water. Remove excess moisture with towels and allow cooling. Wear warm thick socks. Buy Shoes. The shoes have to be like for a while. Alternatively, you can put boots bags with boiling water. Wait full cooling.

№3. Strong alcohol

If you want to know how to stretch the shoes, you need to carefully soak vodka inner cavity of the shoe. Pull it and pass 2:00. As a result, fine leather shoes sit in size. Consider, vodka can damage the paint, pre-perform the test on an invisible area.

lacquered shoes

Considering all the available methods, and should know how to stretch patent leather shoes one size larger. These products are more difficult to such procedures. Therefore, in the home need to exercise extreme caution.

№1. fat cream

Nutrient cream is applied to the inner region of the article. Pay attention to the fattest places of the shoe (heel / toe). Next, be sure to insert in the shoes special shoes (the price of 400 rubles). Leave shoes 1.5-2 hours.

№2. Alcohol

Mix in a bowl, and alcohol 2 times more water. The liquid wet warm socks. Put them on and Buy Shoes. Held in the shoes need to 2 hours. During this time, almost dry socks.

Suede shoes

When deciding how to stretch suede shoes, take a look at simple guidelines. At home, at work with such products need to be careful.

№1. steam

Hold on suede shoes on a steam bath for a while. Shoes should be slightly moist and slightly warm. Put them and pass 1.5 hours.

№2. Newspaper

Tamp shoes soaked paper and wait until dry newspapers. Next, try on shoes. If the results are not satisfied, perform manipulation again.

Thinking about how to stretch the shoes, take a look at the purchased means to enable it to increase the size larger. Alternatively, at home, use the traditional methods.