How to remove the pellets from the clothes at home without cars: TOP-10 Effective Ways

Regardless of the material and the quality of products, each owner of the clothes is faced with some adversity. Before you remove the pellets from the clothes, it is worth considering some of the ways to resolve the problem at home. You can choose the option delete entities without cars.

How to remove the pellets from the clothes

The method №1. Scotch

1. Before thinking about how to get rid of the pellets on the clothes, you should pay attention to some tricks at home. The method does not refer to the most effective, but consider it still stands.

2. In this case, a major role is played by various factors. The procedure may be ineffective because of insufficient tack and adhesive tape characteristics tissue type. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to the most adhesive tape.

3. Spread the adhesive tape on the spot where you want to remove the pellets. Press firmly and carefully iron the hand. Try to tear tape as sharply as possible. The procedure should be carried out to achieve the desired result.

Method №2. Shaver

1. If you decide to use a razor blade, the process will be fast enough. But it is necessary to take into account some of the subtleties. The problem with this method is that the machine can significantly harm the material.

2. It should be particularly careful when dealing with cashmere, angora, wool and fabrics with a pattern. Use a new razor blade, carefully stretch the product. With extreme caution pellets start to shave.

Method №3. Toothbrush


1. Before thinking about how to remove the pellets from the clothes, we should also pay attention to the toothbrush. It will help in working with delicate fabrics at home. Therefore it is possible to do without cars.

2. Keep in mind that this practice will require a sufficient amount of time, so do not rush. For procedures need a brush with soft bristles. Comb the product along the fibers. Prepare a solution of water and vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 1.

3. Soak in a fluid thing. As a result, the product will acquire a significant fluffiness. Dry clothes are allowed on the towel at room temperature. The sun's rays do not fall on the fabric. Also the thing should be kept away from heating appliances.

Method №4. Scissors

1. How to get rid of the pellets on clothes with scissors? The process is fairly simple, it can be done at home. Scissors suitable for removing large-sized pellets. For this purpose we take the device for manicure.

2. Use the device with extreme care, otherwise you risk leaving a puff. Lay the garment on a flat surface under the light of a desk lamp. Neatly clipped sticking pellets.

Method №5. Roller with adhesive tape

1. Roller copes with the task perfectly on any type of tissue. Perform some simple movements roller until until you get the desired result.

2. From time to time the tape is replaced when dirty. The roller is useful in any wardrobe, and not only to remove the pellets. The question price - no more than 100 rubles.

Method №6. Hairbrush


1. To achieve the maximum effect from the procedure, armed with a comb with small and frequent teeth.

2. Begin carefully vychosyvat thing. After a few moves most of the pellets remain on the comb.

Method №7. Sandpaper

1. How to remove the pellets from the clothes sandpaper? Such a method is considered to be quite simple at home. Note that the procedure is safe for the fabric.

2. It is not necessary to resort to it, if the pellets were formed at the delicate fabric. Try to use a fine abrasive. Grate item paper to achieve the desired result.

Method №8. bread toast

1. This method of eliminating formations can seem quite specific. Do not underestimate the biscuit. By the method necessary to resort to the last turn if you do not have to hand scissors.

2. You will need a large piece of bread. Dry it in the oven in a familiar way. Accurate movements suharom spend on clothes. Achieve the desired result.

Method №9. Kitchen sponge


1. For the procedure, you will need a new kitchen sponge foam and rigid plate on the reverse side. To cope with the problem, use the tough side.

2. Sponge for washing dishes copes with the task. Rub the fabric until until you get the goal.

Method №10. dry-cleaning

1. Such an option worth considering is mandatory, if the thing is quite expensive, and you doubt that it will be able to cope with the spool.

2. Take advantage of the services of professionals, if you can afford it. As a rule, the procedure will help get rid not only of the pellets, but the majority of related problems.

On the question of how to remove the pellets from the clothes, there is a definite answer. For this purpose we consider the top 10 effective ways at home without cars. Keep in mind, any procedure should be carried out with extreme caution, especially delicate fabrics. Correct the mistake did not turn out, good luck!