How to get rid of the odor in the home in the shoes fast

With such a problem faced by every second person, trouble delivering a lot of inconvenience. How to get rid of the smell in shoes, so as not to spoil the first impression? The problem can be dealt with at home fast enough. We will understand with everything in order.

How to get rid of the smell in shoes with special means

The fact that adults are able to release the feet about 30-35 ml. sweat during the day. It is important to know that this feature is not the primary cause of the stench.

Horrible odor evident because fungal reproduction of bacteria. The decay products of microorganisms and leave an unpleasant smell.

Therefore, before thinking about how to solve the problem, should pay due attention to the feet hygiene.

This issue will be an excellent assistant ointments and creams directional. Funds can be purchased at the pharmacy. Use them after showering.

Sprays for shoes


Many manufacturers produce products for shoes with flavors. Such sprays efficiently eliminate odor. As part of the present components with anti-bacterial effect. Due to this disease-causing organisms are killed. When deciding how to get rid of the smell in the shoes, you should consider proven formulations. at home procedure is carried out fairly quickly. Among sprays can identify the most common. Let us examine them.


The composition has a pronounced antibacterial effect. Manufacturers recommend the systematic use of means of prevention and control of unpleasant odors down.


The efficiency is achieved thanks to a special powder to form an idea of ​​the product. Such material acts as the absorbent. Shoe means extends from any moisture, dirt, smell and pathogens.

"Menthol Sapphire"

Agent is in the form of a spray with mint aroma. The composition of the fine product disinfects and eliminates the terrible smell. The product also has a good antibacterial effect.

"Livilin Bio Balance"

The spray contains no alcohol-based components. The base product contains natural ingredients that effectively eliminate the stench.


Such a spray has a pleasant citrus scent. Means inherent in a strong antibacterial effect.


In the present vehicle is present antibacterial system. It effectively resists the source of the stench and inhibits fungal parasites.

Insoles of odor in the shoes

Thinking about how to get rid of the smell in the shoes, it is worth considering the insole. This accessory is easy to use at home. Insoles are constantly inside the shoe, and help to quickly deal with the problem. If you have previously used the spray, can occur a situation where you simply forget it spray. Insoles in this regard will not misfire. Therefore, on long journeys you do not have to think about where to spray deodorant.


disposable insoles

They have quite a pleasant aroma. Insoles are equipped with a special layer, which absorbs sweat very well. This accessory will help cope with the problem only to a maximum of 20 hours. Due to the fact that the disposable insoles, they are hygienic.

Insoles with an activated charcoal

It includes an absorbent layer with a special substance. Activated carbon is perfectly absorbs sweat and moisture. Keep in mind if you decide to use just such insoles, they must be removed and dry every day.

Insoles with antifungal effect

Based products include cotton fabric, which is impregnated with a special anti-fungal composition. The insole is not going inside the shoe due to the fact that the sole with rubber layer.

Insole made of natural material

Presented products are made of non-woven flax fibers. Due to the natural features of flax accessory it has a strong antibacterial effect.

Folk remedies against odors in shoes

Before you decide how to get rid of the smell of shoes, consider the traditional remedies that can be applied at home quickly. In addition do not forget about the simple shoe hygiene and, accordingly, the feet.


Lavender ether. Such a composition is sufficient to cause the insole in an amount of 2-3 drops. Unpleasant smell disappears instantly.

Hydrogen peroxide. Take advantage of a 3% solution and thoroughly treat the inside of the shoe.

A solution of potassium permanganate. Dampen a ready means of a cotton sponge and wipe the inside of the shoe.

Rubbing alcohol. Use the tool of the aforementioned technologies. Disinfecting procedure should spend 1 day a week. Alcohol does not hurt the shoes.

Tea bag. Use the used pod and clean the inside of the shoes. Wait until dry. This procedure does not harm the material.

Activated charcoal. Turn in powder coal 12 units vsypte means in each shoe. The procedure is done before bedtime.

Negative temperature. If the court of the severe winter, shoes are put on the balcony. Alternatively suitable freezer. The procedure should take several hours.

leaves of plants. Get a dry collection of fragrant plants or collect yourself. For the procedure will fit eucalyptus leaves, sage, lemon balm and mint.

Vinegar. Moisten a 6% solution of pure rags. The cloth should be slightly moist. Put the cloth in shoes for the night. It should be careful with the products from imitation leather and leather.

The process shoes at various smells

Before thinking how to get rid of the smell in the shoes, it is worth to find out the source of the causes at home. As a result, you can fix the problem quickly. Often favorite shoes can not only smell bad due to fungal parasites. The problem is provoked by external factors.



Bacteria multiply in the fur-lined winter boots. From bad flavor will help get rid of absorbents. Such formulations are well stretched and eliminate moisture terrible odor. In this case, you can resort to the help of purchased assets, home recipes. antibacterial sprays will also work.


This environment has a negative impact on the quality of the shoe. The dampness perfectly reproduce pathogens. Therefore, the problem must be disposed of in a timely manner. Regularly use the above tools, follow hygiene legs. Timely thoroughly dry the shoes.

A cat's urine

If you encounter this problem, you need to solve it immediately. Get rid of the urine with paper towels on the surface of the shoe. After that, wash the product with water and soap. Next, you will get rid of persistent odors. For this, use a solution of vinegar and water (ratio 1 to 1). Process the ready means of the entire surface. If stain remains, apply it wet soda. Then rinse with water and treat the glycerine. Wash and dry the shoes properly.


How to get rid of the smell of mothballs in the shoes? At home, the problem quickly to help cope sunlight. Align the shoes on the windowsill with the window open for a while. Wind and UV partially cope with the task. After that, put the shoes in a sealed plastic bag. There also send the petals of a tea rose or lavender. If the smell is not lost, resort to the help of baking soda and activated charcoal. These components are considered natural sinks stench.


If the shoe is allowed to be washed, that's what you need to do first. Soak product 10-12 minutes in a solution of water and softener. In other cases it is necessary to resort to airing only in the fresh air. The procedure will take up to several days. It is also worth taking advantage of absorbents and perfumed sprays.

To fix the problem, it is important to consider the source. For the control of fungal bacteria should not use ointments and creams directional. Take care of personal hygiene and the condition of the shoe. In other cases, help Makeup Shop, sprays and accessories.