What and how to wash the blood from his clothes at home: 8 Ways

Blood can go nose at the most inopportune moment, instinctive action - to remove it with your hand or a piece of cloth. In search of an answer to the question as to wash off the blood, it is necessary to examine the nature of pollution. With his clothes can be removed at home, using folk methods. Let us consider them in turn.

Ways to wash clothes with fresh blood

Before you wash off the blood from his clothes, find out what it is made of the material. Also study the manufacturer's recommendations on the product label.

Always remember that fresh or old blood can not wash out hot water stains. Otherwise, a protein that is in the blood, will roll. You will be more difficult to bring the pollution of the fibers.

Option №1. machine wash

1. If the fabric allows, spend washing machine with minimum temperatures. But first soap stain soap, faded in the cold water.

2. Place the item in the drum, in its compartment vsypte powder on a gel basis. If there is a stain remover for white or colored, use it.

3. Do not add air conditioning, it impedes the removal of blood from the clothing fibers. Run full wash cycle lasting 45-90 minutes, holding the temperature of 30 degrees.

Variant №2. Handwash

1. If you leave a fresh trail, do not rub it vigorously. Only slightly dab a napkin.

2. Before you wash off the blood from his clothes, you need to turn the thing inside out. Spot output in the home is not carried out from the front side in order to avoid setting.

3. Now turn on the cold water, substitute the spot under a strong stream of water. So most of the blood is flushed.

4. After pre-rinsing, pour into cold water basin, leave it for an hour thing. In the process of soaking periodically change the fluid when it will turn.

5. When the specified period comes to an end, rub bar bloodstain economic or tar soap. Once again prostirnite product.


Before you wash off the blood from his clothes white, spend soaking in cold water. Then adjust the liquid added in it bleach. After such manipulations will be nothing left of the stains.

Ways to wash the dried blood from his clothes

Identify several effective tools to help you eliminate the dried blood off or an old favorite things.

This list may include starch (potato, maize or rice), baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, glycerol, sodium chloride, ammonium chloride.

Before you try to wash the dried blood from his clothes, remember that any pre-soaking is performed exclusively in the cold water. Can not initially add detergent or bleach.

The method №1. Starch

This method is suitable for removing stains from delicate fabrics of silk type, chiffon, wool and so on.


1. It may be any starch (corn, potato, rice). Mix it with cold water, filtered to give a pasty mass.

2. Before you wash off the blood by this method, it is necessary to remove most of the dirt residues from clothing. Pour into a cold water basin, leave the product for an hour. That's what held presoaking at home before using starch.

3. When the specified period of time comes to an end, remove the remaining moisture. Spread over the spot of the starch slurry, gently rub with fingertips. Wait for complete drying.

4. Arm yourself with a lint-free cloth, rub the soiled place it to remove residuals. Swipe rinse in water (5 l.) With vinegar (150 ml.) To give things luster and vivid color.

Method №2. Salt

If you ask my grandmother than to quickly and efficiently to wash the blood from his clothes, she advises to use that table salt. The method is designed for all types of fabrics.

1. Mix 1 teaspoon of salt to 1 liter. cold water, let the pellets dissolve completely.

2. Send the product to soak for 7-9 hours (overnight). Spend the morning washing by hand, place rubbed dirt soap.

3. If the stain is not completely gone, upload thing in the wash and sprinkle in the second compartment of a teaspoon of salt. Exhibitor temperature of 30 degrees, wait for completion of the program.

Method №3. sal ammoniac

In search of an answer to the question of how and what to wash the dried blood stains, we advise to look at the use of ammonia in the home.

1. Mix 20 ml. with 1 l of ammonia. cold water soak thing in this solution. Wait 20-40 minutes, the fabric should be good soak.

2. When the set time comes to an end, soak in ammonia cosmetic disc, wipe it with a tissue site pollution. Prostirnite product.

Method №4. Glycerol


If you are looking for a specific answer to a question regarding how successfully you can wash off the old stain of blood, it makes sense to use glycerine.

1. In this case, glycerin is heated in a water bath and is used in the form of heat. Dampen a sponge in it beauty, gently squeeze.

2. Spread the clothes soak through it to the wrong side of the swab. Wait 10 minutes and repeat the steps from the front.

3. Let soak agent, after some time sprinkle with flour or starch. Shake off excess, perform normal washing.

Method №5. Soda

A positive feature of the method is considered to be its applicability to dense or very thin tissue.

1. Mix 500 ml. of cold water with 30 g. soda, wait for dissolving granules. Dampen the stain tool and wait 40 minutes.

2. Now rub the place of contamination with fingertips or a soft cotton cloth. Spend a machine or hand washing.

3. If you wash out stains from white cloth, the final wet processing is carried out with a bleaching agent.

Method №6. Hydrogen peroxide

Often remain after conventional steeping brown discoloration, which is ugly look to the fabric. Remove them can be peroxide.


1. Before you wash off the blood from his clothes by this method, place the item in a tub or sink. Then shake the vial with 3% -perekisyu, start removal.

2. The procedure is simple banal home: pour the drug in contaminated place, abundantly wetting the spot. If a thing is color, it is only slightly dab the blood stain, not spraying it with a solution.

3. Give peroxide to act for 10-15 minutes, if the fabric is white. If the clothes are color after soaking rinse agent immediately.

4. Next thing treat cotton pad, so that it has absorbed from blood residues peroxide. Repeat as necessary, then wash the item by hand.

To wash fresh or dried blood spots can be yourself using one of the above-stated methods. Most importantly, remember that you can not influence blood stain with hot water. Otherwise protein will roll and penetrate deep into the fibers.