How to withdraw ink from a ballpoint pen from the clothes at home: 20+ ways

Stains on the shirt may appear every person, especially if the work is done in the office with papers. But instead of trying to bring corrosive ink from clothes, you need to decide on the type of fabric and its color. Stains from a ballpoint pen is not difficult to remove. Methods of treatment of white and colored things are different, let's look at the main aspects of washing clothes at home in order.

Ways to withdraw ink from a ballpoint pen with white clothes

Restore the purity of bed linen, blouses, shirts, skin soft furnishings and towels can only in the event that possess a certain knowledge. How to effectively wash out a ballpoint or gel pens with white everyday and festive clothing? Use the methods mentioned below.

The method №1. Acetone with ammonia

Connect in equal ratio ammonia and acetone (can replace nail polish remover). Preheat components water or steam bath. Put this structure in the low-profile clothing section to understand how the tissue reacts. If the linen is not lost color, proceed to the next steps.

How to remove the stain from the corrosive ink, which appeared by ballpoint pen: Pour solution of ammonium chloride and acetone in a bowl, dip into a container only the tissue portion which is stained. Wait 10 minutes, then take a dense towel and spread it on the ironing board.

Place on top of the shirt with a stain on the handle, fold it in three layers of gauze. Preheat the iron, drive them on the trail of ink, covered with a gauze cloth. After 2 minutes, stop the manipulation, load already clean clothes in the household machine.

Method №2. Baby powder and lemon

Purchase at the pharmacy or any other store talc fragrance free. Sprinkle this lineup contamination place. Talc is a fine-grained salt can be replaced. After that, pour in the region sprinkled with lemon juice. Use your fingers to rub the composition and leave it for a while. If necessary, make repeated cleaning. Finally, send the item to the laundry.

Method №3. Peroxide with ammonia

Pour into bowl 230 ml. purified water to enter 5-10 ml. peroxide and 5 ml. ammonia. Mix, put on the gloves. How can wash off the ink left by ballpoint pen with your favorite clothes: lower the resulting cosmetic disk solution, gently squeeze it, walk over the spot. Repeat manipulation in the home until the complete disappearance of the track.

Method №4. Glycerol

Before the main manipulations necessary to handle contaminated land spots glycerin. Then prepare a mixture of water, detergent powder, salt. After soaking in the glycerin let product soak in the saline solution for 30-60 minutes. The spot should be pale. When this happens, wash the clothes.

Method №5. a piece of chalk

Before thinking about how to try to bring the ink with casual clothes that are left of ball-point pen, take a piece of chalk and turn it into a powder by any suitable method in the home conditions. Sprinkle obtained crumb dirty portion, cover 5 layers of gauze or clean cotton towel. On top of all set anything heavy for 2 hours. When the specified time has elapsed, remove the load, shake the product. If you need to send the thing to wear off.

Method №6. Ammonia water

Prepare a solution of ammonium chloride (30 ml.) And purified water (200 ml.). Spread the soiled product in a basin, cover with this lineup and leave for a minute. Take a tissue, blotted spot to wipe absorbed the ink residue. After treatment, wash the clothes.

Ways to wash the ink from a ballpoint pen with colored clothes


The problem lies in the leaching paint, if chosen cleaning method will not be suitable to the type of fabric. Options on how to effectively withdraw from the ink color and the bright clothes of a ballpoint pen, a little different. Before the main processing perform a short test at home on an inconspicuous area of ​​the eye to make sure that the thing does not lose color.

The method №1. Turpentine and ammonia

Blend in equal ratio The given formulations to obtain a liquid mixture. Evenly distribute it to the site contamination by pouring the entire volume of funds on the fabric. When the stain will be washed out, send the thing into the machine by putting the appropriate mode.

Method №2. Alcohol with glycerol

You will need to divorced to 40 degrees alcohol or vodka. Measure 60 ml., Mixed in the volume of 15 ml. Liquid pharmaceutical glycerol. Apply the liquid to the trace of the ink, and wait 30 minutes. Spend rinse and wash if necessary.

Method №3. Spoiled milk

Keep in mind before attempting to withdraw ink ballpoint pen from the left, from the clothes you need sour milk at home. If this is not possible, use the purchase fat yogurt. Preheat it, pour into a bowl and soak in the beverage clothes for a couple of hours. Next, perform a normal machine washing.

Method №4. Vinegar

In industrial plants with a solution of vinegar rinse colored items to enhance the color. In your case, this method will help to wash off ink stains. Heat the apple cider vinegar to 45 degrees, soak a sponge in it and treat the soiled spot. Then wipe the product solution of 250 ml. water and 20 ml. ammonia. At the end of the normal washing is carried out.

Method №5. Alcohol drinking soda

From the above ingredients make mush, put makeup on the stain and rub. Leave the mixture so that it is partially sucked ink. After 30 minutes, rinse the product in warm water with the addition of vinegar.

Method №6. Lemon juice

Lemon - a universal sparing agent. They should use to remove stains from the handle. To begin the process, enough to squeeze the lemon juice and rub the stain them. After soaking, wash the clothes.

Ways to wash the ink from a ballpoint pen with a delicate garments


The below tools are suitable for processing sensitive types of fabrics as corrosive ink display with the clothes left over from a ballpoint pen, it is quite difficult. If you need to get rid of stains on wool, silk, cashmere, consider the options proposed in the home.

The method №1. Serum or sour milk

Slightly warm up one of these fermented drinks, pour into a bowl and release the thing to soak. Wait for 1-2 hours, then perform hand-washing.

Method №2. Kerosene

For the purpose of cleansing the woolen clothes from the ink should use kerosene. Lower it a cosmetic disc, press, rub the stain from the edge to the middle. If traces are gone at once, repeat. For getting rid of odors need to hold machine washable.

Method №3. Mustard

Mix mustard powder with warm purified water so as to obtain a slurry. Distribute it to the contaminated areas and rub. Leave on for 45-60 minutes, rinse the product manually. To wash it is necessary to resort in cases where divorce remained.

Method №4. Milk

To remove ink from velvet products should use warm milk. Place the item in a bowl, pour a drink and leave for a couple of hours. If the stain does not disappear, repeat the steps and follow hand washing.

Method №5. Shaving foam

If the house is home to a man, it is advisable to use shaving foam. Extrude the amount of formulation size of a chicken egg, apply to the fabric and allow the foam falling off. When she settles, rinse hands thing.

Quick ways to bring the ink from a ballpoint pen from the clothes

In the modern rhythm of life we ​​have to always be in a hurry, so you can get dirty on the way to work, on a trip, or before an important event. In such cases, it becomes necessary to use Purification methods.

How to remove stubborn stains from ink remaining from a ballpoint pen:

Polish for hair. Spray the area with pollution hairspray medium or strong hold, let him "get to grips". When the composition is cured, rinse the cloth under the tap and dry.

Salt. Mix the sodium chloride with purified water and apply the slurry on the track of the handle. Rub, wait 10 minutes. Remove excess napkins, spend local rinsing.

Nail polish remover. You can use the tool to remove the varnish. Dampen a sponge in it and rub the ink traces. After soaking wash product part for odor removal.

Gel for washing dishes. Often such tools are aimed at removing grease and other contaminants not less complex. Faded gel stain, it must go in a short time.

Methods how to effectively withdraw corrosive inks favorite clothes which have remained from a ballpoint pen, limitless. The main thing is to be smart. All the above methods are universal in relation to a particular type of clothing. Using them at home, you not only print ink stains, but also traces of wine, blood, green grass, perfumes and cosmetics.