Ironing board - the best rating: TOP-15

Modern man is always looking for ways to simplify your life and find domestic "helpers", such as an ironing board. Today we look at the rating of the best models that differ in functionality and pricing. There are lots of variations of what is called, for every taste. You will save time and nerves spent on clothes ironing.

Most compact tabletop ironing board

Gone are the days when a woman brought things in order on a conventional table, having spread sheets. Today, ironing board - an indispensable helper at home. But how to choose a really good model, so you do not regret? Try to understand together.

№1. LeifheitAirBoardCompactTable

Price - 3500 rubles. The German manufacturer has taken care of a miniature and functional board to iron the size of 73 * 30 cm. and a weight of 0.5 kg. The model is made of a special plastic that reflects the evaporation and heat, ensuring pressing of the two sides at the same time articles. The surface is covered with a cotton shawl, it can be easily removed and subjected to washing. Board is more suitable for smaller things, such as shirts, blouses, skirts and shirts.

№2. gimi Pollicino

Price - 900 rubles. Ironing board table type included in the rating of the best devices for the home. The main advantage - compact, aesthetic appearance, ease and convenience of use. Despite the low price policy, the model is not inferior to expensive counterparts. The basis acts steel frame, which is characterized by high wear resistance compared with wooden devices. Metal legs require special pads that prevent slipping. Operating Area in magnitude - 73 * 32 cm, the surface material -. Cotton, weight - 1.2 kg. There is a hook for easy storage in a suspended form.

№3. Nika/Ника

Price - 550 rubles. Known brand manufactures desktop assistant, made of particle board. Cotton surface has high strength, and an abundance of colors will help determine the choice. "Nika" for students who are forced to live in a small room. Board is ideal for young families living in odnushke, or summer residents who prefer to spend the summer at his home. Model versatile and cheap. The foundation is not strong enough for the steam generator, but the basic problem when ironing the iron decides on "hurray". Working surface -. 85 * 29 cm, helps to clean up even the linens.

Top floor classic ironing boards

If the house is enough space, we are sure to look at the high-grade and multi-function ironing board floor type. We have compiled a list of the best that you select the appropriate value and the manufacturer option.

№1. Leifheit AirBoard Compact M Plus

Price - 8500 rubles. German mark pleases consumers with quality appliances for the home, which differ elegance and simplicity. Surface for ironing - 120 * 38 cm. Basis - unique in its kind plastic: light, heat-resistant, reflective evaporation and heat from the iron. The material provides high-quality clothes ironing on both sides at the same time, saving energy and time resources of the consumer. The model is equipped with a bracket for cable, built-in socket, a support, non-slip pads. The surface is covered with perforated cotton cape, which at any time can be removed and washed. Height adjustable between 75-95 cm; weight -. 4.2 kg.

№2. MetalnovaDominoPlus

Price - 7500 rubles. Rating ironing boards would be incomplete without a model of the Italian brand. The surface for ironing largest is 122 * 40 cm., The working area lying at the height of 74-97 cm., So the user easily adjusts to increase (adjust at 8 positions). Ironing board is equipped with a stand for the iron. She deserves to be in the ranking of the best operating and functional models, because it allows you to clean even large items. The platform is made of temperature resistant perforated material which passes vapor. Water-resistant cape will not allow damage to things.

№3. nika Valencia/Nick Valencia

Price - 2900 rubles. Ironing "Nick" the board is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable solutions Home Affairs: a socket extender 2,2 m., trouser sleeve, stand, shelf, to lock the transport, bracket cord. High-quality top made of metal with a perforation has dimensions -. 123 * 45 cm, allowing even large pet products. The height varies in the range of 70-80 cm. Cape cotton removable and washable. The abundance of designer colors will impress even the most finicky mistress. Stand withstand significant device to 7 kg. Board is suitable for use with a steam generator.

№4. Gimi Advance 140

Price - 3800 rubles. Ironing board takes pride of place in the rating of the best models of medium-price segment. It is suitable to anyone who wants to get the functionality and quality of what is called, in one bottle. Indispensable assistant in the home is equipped with a Metal Gauze top, stand for an iron, rack, shelf. Cotton Case no delays steam, which then passes through the mesh. Left-handers will be useful to know that the board has a rotating mechanism, and easier. Area for ironing in size is not inferior counterparts - 126 * 45 cm. The height can be adjusted up to 93 cm. Of the minuses allocate no outlet, ironing sleeves.

Most embedded ironing boards


Built-in ironing board in a different way is called a transformer. This design is very convenient, so we consider the rating of the best models.

№1. BELSI Verona

Price - 18800 rubles. The board can be installed in any location where it is needed. The basis is made of plywood using a unique technology. Also, the coating provided for reflecting heat. Included is a removable cover made of cotton and felt lining. In addition, the socket is located on the board. Model withstand up to 20 kg. load, but there is no support under the iron.

№2. Shelf On Iron Slim Eco

Price - 16600 rubles. Company «Shelf On» produced an excellent ironing-board transformer, which can be built almost anywhere. The model is made from perforated sheet metal. In the unfolded state support it is provided by iron legs. There is a possibility of adjusting the height of the slope. Included provided the original case.

№3. asko HI1152W

Price - 29300 rubles. Ironing board is a plug-in module from the popular manufacturer. The model was rated the best, because it saves space. The high cost is due to the uniqueness of the materials from which made the board. Robust and reliable mechanism ensures durability. The working surface is composed, it has the ability to adjust the length of the extension. Provided 2-year warranty.

Top ironing board with an active surface


Ironing board with active surface every year gain more and more popularity.

№1. bosch TDN1700P

Price - 19400 rubles. Board of eminent manufacturer with multiple functions has a steam generator system. To model is perfect steam iron. There is a function of height adjustment in 7 positions. Board looks solid and very stylish. The quality is not in doubt. During the ironing surface is warming, preventing the formation of condensation inside the garment. vacuum function captures the thing and removes excess moisture. With the ability to easily inflate smooth delicate things.

№2. Eurometalnova Duetto Base

Price - 19700 rubles. Italian ironing board came in the top rating, because it has an active surface. It allows you to use as a steam generator and a powerful iron. Height adjustable in 6 positions. Table warmed up to 300 watts. There is also a blower and vacuum. These features greatly facilitate ironing, especially complex tissues.

№3. Lelit RA 71

Price - 24300 rubles. Universal active board gathered very positive reviews. The table is heated to 70 degrees, height adjustable, has a mode of vacuum and blowing. The model has a large stand, which fit seamlessly iron, steam generator. Comes with durable carrying case is made of cotton.

Most ironing boards for steam generators


Pick up the ironing board, which is suitable for the steam generator, it is easy. Next will be presented to the best 2 model. The advantage of such tables is that they have a larger working surface, a special coating for easy sliding steam system and the stand. Also, the board equipped with vacuum and blowing.

№1. PhilipsGC240/25

Price - 8800 rubles. Ironing board has 8 ergonomic solutions, due to which the usual chores considerably simplified. The model comes in a ranking of the best thanks to the many thoughtful details, comfort and safety. The wide workspace enables stroking big things. There are hangers for ironing shirts and blouses. There is also a holder of the cord, convenient hanger, stable stand. the protection function does not allow the board to take shape during ironing and decomposed during transportation or storage.

№2. Vileda Viva Express Comfort +

Price - 5800 rubles. The model is equipped with a three-layer cover paroottalkivayuschim effect. Board boasts safety thanks to technology that does not allow it to emerge during ironing. Large work area involves working steamer and steam generator, also provides special support for them. Board itself is made of a ductile metal, the entire weight of 6 kg. There are anti-skid feet.

By the selection of the ironing board should be approached thoroughly. To do this, we have led the rating of the best models. After studying the function of each, will focus on one form. At the moment, a huge popular board with the active surface.