How to whiten your running shoes (sneakers) white home

Youth familiar adage that white teeth have to be and sneakers. In the latter case is very relevant is the question of how to whiten white sneakers. All manipulations are easy to carry out at home. Today's material is devoted refund white shoes, including sports, as well as laces and sole. If you have experience in these matters, please share them in the comments.

How to whiten white sneakers - Preparation

1. Remove the shoelaces, prostirnite them manually. If you want to whitening, then read the article to the end. Below, we write out how to back white laces.

2. Remove the insole, high quality wash powder or replace with new ones. Finally dry, keeping the shape.

3. Turn sneakers to clearly discernible outsole. Arm yourself with a toothpick, remove jammed stones. Clean off remaining dirt with a brush.

4. If shoes or sneakers are made of textiles, wash them. Dry it and only then proceed to bleaching.

Methods bleach shoes (shoes)

Before you whiten your running shoes (white), select the appropriate option from the suggestions below. Follow the instructions at home.

№1. Peroxide with lemon juice

Take a powder, an ordinary household vinegar, lemon juice and peroxide. Connect the provided ingredients, taking each of them equally. Distribute the pasty mass through the dirty areas, the old brush rub the dentifrice. Next prostirnite shoes. It is important to know that the bleaching mesh sneakers peroxide is excluded from the list of components.

№2. Toothpaste

Allowed to use powder dentifrice diluted with water or white paste (e.g., "Black pearls"). Distribute selected composition on the surface of the shoe or kedov, rub and remove the brush wet cloth.

№3. Magnesia petrol

Protect gloves hands, connect the listed ingredients in the same proportion. Magnesia may be taken in the form of a solution or powder formulation. After mixing this mixture cover the dirty areas of shoes, a little rub and wash sneakers.

№4. Soda and vinegar

This tool helps to whiten equally sneakers and white sneakers. To prepare the composition at home, take 40 grams. soda and 20 ml. vinegar. Put them together to form a mixture, which will be similar in consistency to a paste. After drawing on shoes means necessary to sustain the order of 5-7 minutes. At the end of the old brush to clean and wash hands / in the machine.

№5. Petrol

Suitable gasoline with a high octane number (AI-98, for example). But better to take a composition for lighters. Dampen a sponge in it beauty, clean sneakers and note half an hour. Wash shoes by any method.

How to wash mesh white shoes (sneakers)

Since bleach white sneakers or running shoes can be the above methods, be sure to familiarize yourself with additional hand-washing mesh shoe at home. It is useful if there was a yellowing, dullness, etc.

1. Wet shoes, running shoes or sneakers dipping into a bowl of water.

2. Arm yourself with soap (also suitable "Antipyatin"), treat them all the tissue surface, the inner part and the sole.

3. Race against the clock for at least 25-30 minutes, then lather the soap on your hands mantle, holding his hand over his shoes vigorously.

4. Good rub the inside of the pair, then rinse under the tap shoes or in the pelvis.

5. Tamp crumpled album pages (newspapers can get dirty), leave in a place with good air circulation to dry.

Bleaching of sneakers soles

How to whiten white shoes, we found, it's time to deal with the soles. At home, it can be cleaned of stains and yellowing.

№1. Eraser

In order to clean the soles from minor contamination, use classic eraser. Walk them on the product, and then wipe with a cloth.

№2. Acetone

Deciding how to whiten the soles of sneakers or shoes, do not forget that this problem acetone copes perfectly. Take home a cotton sponge and soak it in liquid. Treat sole.

№3. petroleum jelly

Grind the composition over the surface and wait for about 10-12 minutes. After that, remove it using a clean cloth or towel.

№4. White

Use the white solution, dip into it only the soles of shoes. Think about how shoes will hang because you need to wait at least 2 hours. Further wash the surface.

№5. Lemon juice

Squeeze the juice from the fresh citrus and carefully wipe the surface. Alternatively, you can use rubbing alcohol or even gasoline.

How to whiten your shoelaces

How to whiten your shoes if they are white, we know, we should not lose sight of the laces. At home, you should use several effective ways for such purposes.

№1. laundry soap

Remove the laces of the shoes and leave to soak for unheated water. Then carefully lather of soap. Expect a third hour. Next, rinse with cool running water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

№2. White

If you do not know how to whiten your shoelaces (white), you can use the most simple and accessible method. At home, dilute bleach with water according to the instructions. Soak the laces, then wash by hand.

№3. Toothpaste

Use white paste dentifrice without any impurities. Thoroughly rub the shoelaces. Be sure to wait until completely dry. Wash with soap and water.

№4. Boiling

Dilute with water washing powder in the refractory container. After boiling, the solution was put in a shoelace. Boil for 25 minutes. Rinse with cold tap water.

So you often wondered how to whiten white shoes should be systematically use special funds for the care of footwear. Composition discharged as a clear, cream or spray. Its easy to use at home. So you protect the shoes from dirt and moisture.