How to whiten your underwear at home: 7 Ways

Today, we consider it is a topical issue as bleach underwear. All actions are carried out at home or bought-in improvised means. If you have experience in bleaching, please share them in the comments.

Chemicals for bleaching underwear

Since whiten whites can be directional funds, let's examine the intricacies of their use in the home.

№1. «Frau Schmidt» or «Vanish»

The first option is preferable, since the developed exclusively for bleaching underwear. A "Vanish" shampoos are universal, but also show excellent results. The use is straightforward: Dissolve powder in accordance with the recommendations on the package, leaving them to soak and soak for 2-3 hours. Then prostirnite products manually or upload to the machine (washing on delicate cycle).

№2. "White"

Good old tool that is used to this day. Perfect for bleaching cotton and linen products, for synthetics and lace is not necessary. Prepare a solution of 3 l. water and 25-30 ml. "Whites." Lower underwear and wait for a third hour. Then perform a thorough rinsing or washing (at the discretion).

№3. oxygen bleach

It allows oxygen bleach as the bleach underwear and ordinary white stuff. It is advisable to use it at home with anti-dullness and yellowness. Choose from universal, suitable for all kinds of fabrics. Choice is enormous. Apply a snap: you can soak in a solution of the product or add a tool in the slot machine during the wash cycle.


Carefully read the manufacturer's recommendations on the packaging. Some tools may not be appropriate to specific tissue types.

Other methods of whitening underwear

If you do not want to buy the means of directional use personally prepared compositions.

№1. Soda

1. A method for delicate and safe. Soda used several methods: add 50g. machine to the second compartment, the first pour powder. Or do the whitening solution.

2. In such a case connect 300 c. powder with 10-12 liters. water, let the pellets dissolve. Lower bras panties for 2-3 hours, then wash thoroughly.

№2. Ammonia and baking soda

1. In order to improve the efficiency of soda mixed with ammonia. The composition is suitable for lace, and other delicate materials.

2. Thus, the solution is made as follows: 10 liters. 0.4 kg of water falls. soda and 60 ml. ammonia.

3. This means products are soaked for about 2 hours, at the end do not forget to prostirnut things.

№3. Peroxide

1. Another option is to whiten your delicate underwear. If there peroxide, then measure out 60 ml at home. drug and connect to 10 liters. water.

2. On request, you can enter the amount of ammonia in 25 ml. Lower belishko into the preparation of and wait for a third hour. Finally prostirnite things several times in clean water.

№4. decoction

1. Not the safest method, but it is possible to resort, if there is a need to whiten cotton / linen.

2. Fill the enamel bucket of water is not up to the brim. Pour 1/3 of the chips from the bar of soap.

3. Moisten things, rub them with soap is very strong. Warm water, lower the product inside and cook for 45 minutes. Remove and send it to the machine.

How to care for underwear

1. Not to wash a bra too often, get a few bras to replace. Each of them is subjected to wet processing after 5 toe.

2. Wash delicate laundry is done at the appropriate time in the machine or by hand. Thus it is necessary to choose liquid powders especially for such products.

3. When washing, do not pour a lot of powder, because the chemicals destroy the delicate tissue.

4. Obtain special bags intended for machine washing of bras, panties, etc.

5. In order to avoid the question of how to whiten expensive underwear, you need to wash them separately. Also, when washing in the home on a typewriter temperature is set to 30 degrees.

Modern bras and panties are performed not only cotton, but also laces, synthetic fiber inserts. Therefore, make sure that it really suited before using any means.