How to remove paint from the jeans at home: 8 Ways

Fabric with dense fibers rapidly absorb various substances, respectively, during brushing problems may occur. Today, we are studying the question of how to remove paint from the jeans, using the means cooked at home. Please share your results in the comments.

Ways to remove paint from jeans

Before you wash off the paint with jeans, select the appropriate composition and test it on an invisible tissue site. If all goes well, proceed to full-scale cleanup.

№1. Turpentine, mineral spirits, acetone, and so forth.

1. Any suitable means rigid. But before using it is necessary to make the test for unobtrusive product area. If the material is not damaged, then proceed to the processing spot.

2. Spread the jeans on a flat surface, beneath the treated portion of the fabric board, the paint is not reprinted in the second part of the thing.

3. Moisten cosmetic wheels in turpentine (acetone, etc.). Begin to rub the stain from the edges of the central portions.

4. When the fabric is moistened enough, leave it for 10-20 minutes. Then, if necessary, treat the new moisturized in sponzhikom vehicle and run a typical washing.

№2. Soap

1. You can use soap to remove the dirt. Moisten a bar in the water, rub the cloth and leave for 10 hours.

2. Rinse thing, evaluate the results. If he did not satisfy you, repeat manipulation.

№3. Gasoline lighter

1. So how to remove paint from the jeans can be cleaned with gasoline, it is recommended to apply the composition of the lighter at home.

2. Fuel for refueling motor vehicles, can be used if the octane number is equal to 95 or 98 units (AI-95, AI-98).

3. If the stain from paint inveterate, rub it hard with a brush or clean off with a knife. Then proceed to the processing of gasoline. Wet the sponge and wring, wipe the paint from the side portions toward the middle.

№4. Detergent

1. If you do not know how to remove paint from the jeans, you can use at home washing up liquid. Spread the composition on the spot.

2. Grate place pollution while brushing. At the end of wash pants in the machine with a high-quality powder.

№5. Mel petrol

1. So how to wash the paint off jeans can be a lot of ways, we should not lose sight of the simple chalk. Turn chalk in flour, and connect with an equal amount of gasoline.

2. Homogeneous slurry need to pound on the contaminated site. Leave the cloth in a form and wait for the drying of the composition. Remove leftovers and wash jeans.

№6. Oil

1. Saturate the stain any vegetable oil. Leave it for 40-50 minutes. On the reverse side should put a material that is not wet.

2. After that, proceed to hand-washing. To cope with the task, you should use the powder, which is able to bring serious pollution.

№7. Gasoline clay

1. The method is similar to the previous one. To prepare the paste should be mixed in equal proportions, refined petrol and cosmetic clay white.

2. Distribute dense layer composition on the contaminated site. Wait for a while, gasoline must evaporate. Remove the clay, and wash the pants in a familiar way.

№8. Glycerol

1. Before you remove the paint with jeans, you need to spot in advance to soften. At home, combine water and glycerol, the solution was put in jeans.

2. Wait a while, then rinse the item in soapy water. Next you need to wash the jeans in the machine with a high-quality powder.

Today we have learned everything that affects the removal of stubborn dirt with denim. If any of these solutions work, try another option. Please share your results in the comments.